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— Payment method is PayPal.
— Bids are in EURO (€).
— Please be mindful of additional PayPal currency conversion fees.
— Bids are for the final cost and thus include VAT – This means you may lose to a smaller bid where VAT does not apply, if VAT applies to you. If you’re unsure whether VAT applies to you or not, contact us via Discord. VAT will be calculated according to your account’s billing info.
— Bids are final. If you win a slot, backing out is not allowed.
— You can bid for multiple slots simultaneously.
— This auction will be for 15 day slots, that will go live on June 6, 8PM UTC, and end on June 21, 8PM UTC.

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You can bid for multiple different listings. Please select how many slots you’re interested in buying in this auction.
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Enter the maximum you’re willing to pay for each slot. You will only win up to the number of slots you indicated above, so feel free to enter a bid for all available slots.

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